Indiana’s First and Only Dedicated Knee Center

Dr. Shelbourne began his orthopedic practice in 1982. He saw there was no specialization for knees even though knee problems affect so many people in so many different ways. So he decided to pursue knee problems as a specialty, uncovering along the way how surgery and physical therapy work together for better outcomes, and, more importantly, how physical therapy works as a viable alternative to surgery in more cases than most physicians realize.

He established the Shelbourne Knee Center in 2004, which includes clinic, surgery, physical therapy and a research department. Given the overwhelmingly positive response patients have had to his treatment philosophy,  Indiana’s only dedicated knee center has grown with the addition of Dr. Rodney Benner. The doctors and therapists work as a team to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs and to ensure an outstanding outcome.

And as it was – and in many ways still is – a pioneering pursuit, the center has maintained its focus on research by tracking the outcomes of all surgical patients and many nonsurgical patients for the past three decades. This wealth of knowledge serves not only the center and its patients, but physicians and patients around the world.

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Shelbourne Knee Center is now part of Community Health Network. There are a few things you should be aware of about your billing and insurance coverage.

The Center is operated as a hospital-based office through Community Health. Your office visit charge will be divided into a “facility” charge from the hospital and a “professional” charge from the physician. The Facility charge will be billed from Community Health (outpatient services) and the Professional charge from Shelbourne Knee Center (physicians’ business name).

All other charges, e.g. x-ray, physical therapy, injections, DME, will be billed from Community Health as a hospital based service.

The physicians are contracted with insurance companies separately. This means the physician may be covered in your network but the hospital may not be in your network. It is very important to find out this information on both before incurring charges.

Tax ID for the physicians – 20-5392766
Tax ID for the hospital – 35-0983617

These numbers will assist you checking for in- and out-of-network coverage.

Shelbourne Knee Center will work with you on out-of-network concerns prior to your visit. Medical insurance and billing can be very confusing, so please feel free to talk with us before your visit and ask what it will mean for you to be seen out-of-network at Shelbourne Knee Center at Community East.

If you have any concerns regarding your hospital or physician bill, please call our office at 317-924-8636.

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